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As a highly inquisitive person, I love learning. I’ve often made excuses for my love of learning by saying, “This will be important when I’m on Jeopardy.” The truth is, I just love learning about the world and all aspects of it from people, to animals, to culture, food, science, space, writing, crafting. All. Of. It.

Learning for the sake of learning is a noble pursuit. It is also great when learning can be put into practice and that is what I’m hoping to do with this series on the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Let me state for the record that I am no expert. I am learning. …


A Thanksgiving table showing cooked turkey and traditional side dishes, black text re: Black Friday and a red no circle.
A Thanksgiving table showing cooked turkey and traditional side dishes, black text re: Black Friday and a red no circle.

The American myth of Thanksgiving can be summed up like this: Pilgrims fled religious persecution from the English crown and landed in the new world unprepared AF. The local people took pity on them and helped the pilgrims survive their first winter. And as a reward for being good neighbors, the locals were subjected to deadly diseases, had their land stolen, had their children stolen, and those who were left were forced to live on land nobody else wanted.

Now we conveniently forget the consequences of that first “Thanksgiving.” Instead we celebrate each November with glutinous amounts of food, unbuttoning our jeans as we melt into the couch and watch an American football game. We then prepare ourselves for the epically embarrassing display of unrestrained consumption as we worship on the altar of Capitalism. Every year, someone dies during the scramble for the latest flat-screen TV or MUST HAVE “my kid will kill me if I don’t get this” toy. …

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When it comes to procrastination, I have a Ph.D. It is amazing how creative I can be when avoiding sitting down at my computer to work. I will happily do things (vacuum, mop the floor, fold laundry, clean the toilet, pick up dog poo in the backyard) to avoid…whatever it is I’m avoiding. The avoidance usually shows up around these four areas: writing, putting a plan on paper, accounting stuff, and reaching out to people who I have neglected.

Why? I have no idea. I feel GREAT once I’ve started any of these things. I love the process of writing! As a writer, when you’re in the flow it is like stepping out of time into a rainbow stream of sparkles and puppies. …

Being a leader means being responsible for the world around you.

This definition, gratefully borrowed from Karen & Henry Kimsey-House of the Co-Active Training Institute, may cause anxiety. People often think, “The whole world?! I can’t be responsible for the whole world!”

Look at the definition again. Think about your world. The world immediately around you. Your friends. Your family. Your job. Your team. Your community. This is the world referenced above. …


Janice Lichtenwaldt

I Am Virago: Leadership Coach | Writer | Crafter. Advocate for courageous, direct, & empathetic leadership.

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